Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lander, WY

We are currently at the Sleeping Bear RV Park and Campground in Lander, WY after riding from Rawlins to Sweetwater Junction on Saturday.  This was a ride that had great contrasts in riding. For the first forty four miles we rode with the wind and averaged over sixteen miles an hour. Then we turned west and the wind also made an adjustment so that we were riding directly into the wind for the last forty five miles.  Our average speed went down to 12.5. OK maybe the riding was tough but the scenery was breathtaking.
This picture is of Split Rock, a famous landmark during the exploration and settling of the west.  When we finished the ride into Sweetwater Junction, our camp was at the Mormon Handcart Historical Site. During the Mormon migration to Utah many pulled handcarts literally a thousand miles or more., and I thought riding a bike across the country was hard. Well this was a lovely campsite on the Sweetwater River but it is also mosquito heaven.  I have never seen so many of these pesky bugs.  Well the combination of no showers, a layer of sunblock then bug juice, I will wash my sleeping bag today. 
This really is big country and the riding without traffic is fantastic.
We all got up very early on today (Sunday) for the ride to Lander which was 39 miles north. It is nice to ride in cool temperatures and we missed the wind that usually comes up about 11 AM. This turned out to be a very nice ride with a five mile downhill with absolutely no vehicle traffic on the road to worry about.
Once we arrived in Lander we set up camp and then went to the Oxbow for breakfast, and since we did not eat before heading out we had a big hunger on. Steak and eggs with hashbrowns and toast. That should hold me over until tonight. After dinner tonight I am going to the rodeo and this should be a good one since it is not just local talent.  Tomorrow the Adventure Cycling group is riding in the 4th of July Parade here in Lander.  Guess I should buy a flag for the bike or something.
Oh yea, we may also have a beer or two over the next couple of days, there is a brew pub.
Life is Good


  1. Glad we didn't have to wait another week to hear from you. Sounds like Wyoming is a great place for cyclists! The parade sounds like fun and I'm sure you'll find a beer tent somewhere around the parade! Had our 4th of July get together with your daughters, Jim, and your grandsons yesterday. Those boys are growing like weeds and one in particular certainly reminds me in both looks and actions like an older brother of mine! Keep enjoying, kiddo!